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                                                    has over 20 years of on-the-job-site experience in masonry and stucco.

He has worked with top designers and architects such as Mike Corriveau (Corriveau CADD),  John Kasmir (Studio 76)

Todd Barber (Forest Green Creations), and Cindy Loforti (Interior Designs).

Mike has the perfect balance of hands on tradesman-ship and artistic designer savvy to bring your project to the next level.  His creative passion sets him apart from the crowd and you will find that his projects speaks for themselves.

Solid detail is put into each and every project from inception to completion.

Mike will work with you to design an aesthetically pleasing yet durable solution in any residential, commercial, industrial or institutional setting.

Visit the showcase page for some inspiration.

Cecchini Stucco uses high quality product lines such as Sto, Drivet, or any other brand that you may prefer to insure the integrity of your project.

We deliver unprecedented quality at competitive pricing throughout the golden horseshoe. 

Call Cecchini Stucco at 9o5 933-5711 today to get started on your next project.




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